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In the real world, change is constant:  business conditions change, consumer culture evolves, new technologies develop. Amidst this sea of change, certain things remain constant at Shark, such as our vision to see things as a whole. At a core level, Shark expresses this union in a seamless blend of its two strengths

Design  + Build
Resultant, our two strengths are constantly pushing and evolving each other, working in beautiful synchronicity. This synergy is awesome - and it empowers us to create things just as we imagined them. This unison has now come to define the Shark culture.



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Wood Curving



We create shopfittings & large scale rollouts for  

Electronics & Mobile
Sports & lifestyle
Food & grocery
Departmental stores

We offer

Design services

Design development and engineering services

Value engineering and material research

Shop drawings

Quick prototyping

Bulk role-out and manufacturing

Warehousing & inventory management

Export and local shipping service

Installation and after sales service

We also offer 

Bespoke office furniture 
SPIN - Shark's cutting edge and modern home & office furniture brand which is available online and is used in retail and corporate projects.
Contract furniture manufacturing 


Ethics, compliances & sustainability

About Us Section

Shark is known in the industry to have the highest ethical standards and is committed to be 100% compliant in all our processes.
We care about the environment, our people and are working continuously to adapt more environmentally friendly practices like reducing plastics in packaging, using environment friendly certified wood, recycling our waste, conserving water and increasing our dependence on renewable energy.
We have been successfully audited by many of our global clients like Levis, Nike, puma and others.

We are iso 9001, 14001 and 18001 compliant company

We have always believed that our growth should result in growth of all our stakeholders. Be it our employees, our vendors, our community & our environment.  

Over the years have made sure that we do business responsibly. That we adhere to all the statutory compliances such as industrial, workers heath & safety, workers compensation and environmental. 

Owing to our constant endeavour to improve we have been able to work with leading global companies and brands as they see us aligned with their objectives. 



Our Sustainability goals is based on the 3 basic pillars of sustainable development.
“Shark is committed to be a responsible organisation focusing on an all inclusive growth of all its stakeholders,  Employees, Environment & Community”
Implementation of our Sustainability Goal
Environment : Use of sustainable raw material such as water based chemicals & solvents, use of recyclable graded plastics, treatment & disposal of hazardous waste as per environmental & industry standards.
Employees : Ensuring social security & insurance, health & safety, training & development for their future growth &  industry / Govt specified compensation & wages.
Community : Helping communities through our CSR initiatives such as supporting local, govt schools by providing infrastructure and facilities



We are 400 strong and growing and are completely committed to provide them a better lifestyle, work environment and growth opportunities.
We pride ourselves to have a high employee retainer-ship and provide friendly culture and healthy environment in our offices and factory floor. We implement high safety standards on the factory floor and use 5S principals to continuously improve our processes

Metal Grinder Tool


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Avenish jain 


Ashish jain

Since our inception we are a design driven company and strive to create cutting edge products and services for our clients and end users

We become better year on year and drive growth by evolving our processes and continuously invest in best manufacturing technology, software and people  

Manish jain

For us the success for shark is to grow organically with our clients and to develope long term relationship with them.  


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