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Marks & Spencer's

M&S is a leading British retailer bringing quality, great value food, clothing and homeware to millions of customers around the world

Shark’s association with M&S started when the brand decided to dawn Ver2.0 of its retail experience in sync with its global design & retail experience.

The new boutique format was a very well thought of design which was very flexible and inline with current design trends. Since the entire design was done in UK a lot of finishes and specs were defined using European raw materials who’s availabilut and cost were a corcern for India roll-out.


Shark was appointed to partner with M&S new identity rollout with the biggest challenge to localise the design and at the same time ensuring no deviation in the design intent.



Material development 

We took this challenge and worked with closely with our vendor partners with whom we have developed a very strong understanding over the years. We created local finishes matching international specifications in terms of melamine, paints, special pipe sections, aluminium extrusions and powder coatings. With our entire effort to localise the materials we were able to achieve the international specifications using local Indian brands of materials & finishes, which resulted the overall cost reduction of more than 50% for their roll outs.

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Bulk manufacturing &



Installation &

After sales





Material research



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