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Shark has been one of the pioneer company in India to get into organised shop fitting business in 2003 and ​also to invest in world class machines and technology right from the inception.  All our processes are inhouse and  we have 2 factories based out of Delhi NCR with our design studio based out of Delhi. 
We heavily invest in processes and technology and are constantly expanding our manufacturing and warehousing spaces.  
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Metal Fonts

Quality & 


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Warehousing & inventory management



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Shark started off as a design company and swiftly backward integrated to become a major manufacturing powerhouse but still carries the design DNA. Though very selective in picking a design project we now feel that our design background really helps us to become better in creating and manufacturing. Our design understanding reflects in every project we execute whether it is on the planning stage or on the factory floor.  When we value engineer a concept we really manage to keep the balance to achieve the objective and keep the design essence intact. 

Design + Manufacturing

Our studio in Delhi comprises of architects, designers, cost analyst and engineers to help us create the concept, value engineer or develop the design.  They are completely exposed to our manufacturing technology and processes and  that knowledge helps us create accurate and practical designs which is as close to reality as possible. 

Design development & engineering

Design development and value engineering is the core of the work we do at shark.  All the concept are converted to highly accurate engineering and shop drawings by a team highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers and designers. We have people with decades of experience in this field and we keep adding on the there knowledge with workshops, training modules and factory visits.  

We  work on a core software developed especially for us which runs our design development  and manufacturing module seamlessly. The software helps us create precise and very detailed shop drawings and provides us all resultant data like BOM's, machine drawings at a click of a button. All the data from the drawings is seamlessly transferred to all machines and assemble lines seamlessly to enable quick and accurate manufacturing. 

design devlpmnt


Creating is why we exist.  We pride ourselves to have one of the most advanced, 100% inhouse and organised manufacturing  setup for shopfittings and furniture in the country.  We have a combined space of 30000 sq meters with world best and latest machining set up across panels, hard wood, metal, acrylic, fabric and glass. We have a in-house packaging   manufacturing to ensure safe transit and shipping of the fixtures.  All our CNC machines are connected with a software for seamless transfer of information. 

CNC Panel processing

Veneer processing

Advanced hardwood knowledge and machining

Wood and panel finishing lines

Advanced Laser setups for metal and acrylic

Laser machines for tube processing

Laser welding and tig welding setups

CNC machining centres for metal components

Metal finishing and high end powder coating

Corrugated packaging setup

If you need more details on our machining capability set up kindly get in touch with us. 


Software, quality check & processes

At shark we believe that importance of investment in the right software and processes is as important as investing in the right machinery and technology. Right from our inception we have been investing heavily in production softwares which integrates our processes, erp system for back end and 5S system for the floor production. 

We are consistently evolving, investing and implementing the right software and processes to improve and become better. Our qc process follows the multi level in-process qc check to delivery the defect and snag free products. 


If you need more details on our quality proccesses kindly get in touch with us. 


Ashish jain, founder

"Our constant investment in software and processes has been the key driver for our growth as it resulted in better products, faster deliveries and happier clients"  

"My key role in shark is to lead all the implementation of the softwares, new machining and all processes. It creates disruption for a while but results in many long term gains"


Warehouse & inventory management

We have constantly invested in our warehousing spaces, knowledge and technology. Shark now offers warehousing services for all corporates for their complete rollouts.  When you get it bulk import or get bulk manufacturing done by us we can manage your warehousing, sorting, shipping and installation requirement. 

Plywood Selection

If you need more details on our warehousing kindly get in touch with us. 


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