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Dyson is a new age engineering company which creates products which define the gold standard in their category. Dyson's design philosophy takes both form and function into account and their mission is to solve problems which others ignore. Dyson products are extreme design marvels and the same gets reflected into Dysons retail environment. Each touchpoint is designed with best of customer & product experience. Each retail display is an engineering marvel and to manufacture them is an art. 

Shark is very proudly associated with Dyson while they were importing their retail fixtures and displays for India Rollout.  At Shark we took it as a challenge to achieve standards Dyson is used to and after round of trials and prototyping we were able to deliver the shopfittings as per their expectations. Today we manage the entire retail rollout for Dyson across formats such as EBO’s / MBO’s / MDZ (Mall Display zone)

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